A3 Architects Inc is committed to designing environmentally responsible architecture.   We feel that the only viable approach to design today is approaching net energy zero, or a residence that produces as much energy as it uses.  We have found the metrics of the Passive House to be a great tool to achieving net-zero with its stringent envelope, energy and air sealing requirements.  The designs we create attempt to heighten the relationship between interior and exterior while utilizing as little energy as possible.  Different sites, projects, programs and budgets call for distinctly different strategies and approaches to sustainable design. We can help you ascertain the strategies that make the most sense for your site and project.

We have expertise regarding payback and costs of each of various ‘green’ strategies and many connections to other local professionals, sub-consultants and builders who have partnered with us in the past. We have completed numerous Energy Star for Home projects including three Tier 3, near net-energy zero residences as well as twelve units of affordable housing completed in 2010 achieved LEED-platinum (the highest level).  We are familiar with local and national rebate programs, tax incentives and other funding opportunities that can offset initial costs.  We have achieve net-energy zero designs with as little as 10-15% up front cost increases, offset by extremely low (about 90% less) monthly operating costs.

A3 Architects will work with you to create a sustainable sanctuary and energy-efficient high performance building that will fit your site, budget and your energy goals.  Please visit our website – or Contact us


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