APCC’s Net Zero Barn

Future APCC Net Zero Barn

Future APCC Net Zero Barn

We have been working with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod on their new home in Dennis Village.  Phase 1 has been renovating the existing main house on the site and making it ADA accessible.  A3 has been working closely with McPhee Associates and the town to design and install an accessible ramp and bathroom.

Phase 2 of the project  consists of doing a deep energy retrofit of an existing barn on site that dates back to the 1800s.  We are very excited for this part of the project and have been working with the APCC to develop renderings for fund raising.  The barn will be lifted and rotated on the site in order to pour a new foundation, as well as better orient the structure for future photo-voltaic panels.  The building will be insulated and detailed to be net zero and the non-profit has plans to use this space for educational demonstrations and lectures.  It has been wonderful working with this non-profit and we look forward to the project moving forward!

For more information about this project and those similar to it -Please visit A3 Architects, Inc.





One response to “APCC’s Net Zero Barn

  1. AWESOME looking and self sustaining too. What more could you ask for? Love it, mom

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