Quivet Neck Near Net Zero House Blower Door Test


Over the past month, our Quivet Neck Near Net Zero House has been insulated and Home Energy Raters has come out to the site and completed the Blower Door test.  Andersen Insulation   insulated the home. The floor was insulated with blown-in cellulose to a value of R:50, the walls were flashed with +/- 1″ of spray foam and the remaining 10″ of bay was filled with blown-in cellulose for a total R value of 45, and the vaulted ceilings were insulated with +/-12″ of open cell spray from for a R value of 56.  The interior walls of the house were insulated with denim insulation for sound attenuation.   The midpoint blower door test showed a 1.25 air changes per hour.  A code built home is allowed 7 ACH per hour – The German passive house (ultra efficient standard) is 0.6 ACH.  By testing the house at this moment in the construction phase, Brian Shanahan and A3 were able to locate some weak points in the envelope and develop a strategy for addressing these moments.  We are looking forward to the final blower door test after the drywall and trim are in place.

For more information about this project and those similar to it -Please visit A3 Architects, Inc.



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