Lincoln Net Zero House Update

DSC_1319_1 We are really excited about spring finally being here and also by the Lincoln Net Zero House.  The cypress siding is all the way up at the first floor and Mark Goetemann and his team are working on the siding at the walkout.  The underside of the soffits are a natural cypress to weather, while the siding on the exterior face of the building is lightly stained.  The window and corner board details were labor intensive, with A3 and Mark Goetemann working up the design in both the computer and through full-size mockups on site, but we are very excited with how they have turned out.

The house was insulated in March with all cellulose insulation.  The floors are R:45, the walls -R:35, and the roof r:50.  The drywall is in the process of going up and the painters are scheduled to be on site later this week.

For more information about this project and those similar to it -Please visit A3 Architects, Inc.


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