Nantucket Sound Renovation and Addition

DSC_1248This renovation and addition of an existing dwelling in Harwichport began in 2012 and was completed during the summer of 2013.  The scope of work called for two dormer additions at the existing living, dining, and kitchen spaces to improve the overall height of the space, as well as to bring in more natural light from the east and west.  The existing fireplace was also renovated during this process.  The clients also wanted a bonus room over their existing garage.  The connector between the garage and the existing dwelling was renovated and a new stair constructed, linking the basement, first floor, and new second floor spaces.

In addition to the spatial scope of work, the client wished to improve the overall energy efficiency of the dwelling while renovating the home.  New windows, insulation, and pv arrays  (by E2 Solar) were installed to improve the homes overall efficiency.  It was wonderful to work with Ryan Campbell of Ra Campbell Enterprises Inc and Sue Contonio on this project.  For more information about this project and those similar to it -Please visit A3 Architects, Inc.


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