Brewster Near Net Zero House Update

DSC_1122 The Brewster Near Net Zero house was insulated in the late fall and a blower door test was performed by Home Energy Raters, LLC.  The house tested out at 600 cfms which roughly correlates to 1 ach (air change per hour) based on the overall volume of the house.  This number reflects how much air leakage is lost through infiltration.  By code, we are required to have 7 ach.  We are looking forward to the final blower door test  since finishes will all help this number get lower.  Todd Labarge and his team are in the finishes stage of the project.  Drywall is installed and the subs for tile, floor, plumbing, ect are in and out of the house.  We are hoping the clients will be able to move in in early spring!  Looking forward to final photos of this project, as well as the final blower door number.  For more information about this project and those similar to it -Please visit A3 Architects, Inc.


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