Brewster Near Net Zero is Underway


Our Brewster Near Net Zero is moving along at a brisk pace!  Todd LaBarge and his team broke ground in early April and look to have the roof shingled this week and the sidewall up soon after that.

The house, once completed, will be close to Net Zero.  This means that it will consume slightly more energy than it produces.  A combination of energy efficient windows, a super insulated envelope, an efficient mechanical system, and a PV array on the south facing dormer are the pieces of the structure that will create the energy efficient building .  The envelope is the first element of the house to be built –  the structure is a double wall system – a 2×6 exterior load bearing wall, a 2 1/2″ airspace, and a 2×4 interior wall.  After insulation the walls will be R: 40, the roof R: 50, and R: 50 Floor – just to compare this to a code built home where the walls are required to be  R: 21 and the roof is R: 38. Once the sidewall and roof are in place – the windows will be installed and the structure will be ready for insulation.

For more information about this project and A3Architects, INC – please visit:


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