Add on ’13 Submission

RENDER 2_image

A3 Architects, inc participated in the Add on ’13 Competition put on by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust.

the design:

net-energy-zero gull wing- wellfleet ma

This affordable accessible detached structure has a simple gull wing roof designed to collect both solar energy and water, while shielding the south elevation from the strong summer sun.   The 36’-0” x 24’-0” building will work with a typical Wellfleet lot, or as a stand-alone design that could be clustered in groups on a site.  The design meets the Passive House standard and as such uses 90% less energy than a similar design to code.  On Cape there is a significant amount of discussion around affordable housing and rents, but we believe affordable energy costs are imperative as well.   While this structure realistically represents an approximately 10% -15% upfront higher costs for insulation, framing and renewables,  the initial mechanical costs are significantly reduced.  Furthermore, the energy savings to residents over the life of the structure easily justifies the initial expenditure this within the first 2-3 years.

The universal design standards with zero clearance access and accessible bathrooms and doorways will help meet the needs of an aging population.

This 800 sf, low impact design quite simply creates more energy than it uses.  The design is simple and replicable with the ability to modify the roof to fit any site.  Intentially, this approach is not site specific but can be adapted to many different site conditions and orientations.

Estimated annual energy used (kWh):  *

Heating & Cooling:                           +/- 1400 kWh

Cooling:                                                +/-   400 kWh

DHW:                                                    +/-   800 kWh

Lighting/appliances:                        +/- 2000 kWh  – dependent on resident behavior

Total:                                                     +/- 4700 kWh

Estimated energy produced by PV panels: **

(15) 327 watt panels – total array 4.905 kWh

Estimated annual production:    +/- 5500 kWh

*modeled in Passive House Planning Package software

** estimated production provided from NREL solar calculators that conservatively predict photovoltaic production.

For more information about the project and others like it – Please visit A3 Architects, Inc


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