Cape Air Interior Renovation

Cape Air Break Room

A3 Architects, Inc. was excited to again work with Cape Air, this time to renovate an existing space into new offices and a break room.  Work began in the fall and is nearing completion.  The reservation and help desk branches of the company have begun to move in, and we were excited to visit and see the staff enjoying the new space.  We pulled the red from the Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines logo and applied it the the existing interior structural columns, adding a pop of color to the space and emphasizing this structural element.  Another main change to the space are the interior windows that line the central corridor.  This feature pulls light from the outside offices into the interior spaces, creating a bright, open, and inviting volume.   It was a wonderful experience to work with Cape Air on this project–they are an excellent company that focuses on its employees health and happiness in and out of the workplace.  The company also promotes energy efficiency and sustainability within their company.

Please visit Cape Air for more information about the company or visit A3 Architects, Inc for more information about this project and others like it.


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