The Raising of the Truss


A3 has been excited to work with the clients, New Energy Works, and the builder-Brian Shanahan to design and use a Truss for the structural roof system of the house.  The second floor living space was designed to be a large- simple volume oriented towards the view of Cape Cod Bay beyond.  The truss carries the load of the roof and allows for this open plan to be free from columns that would break the overall feel of the space.    The full height stair takes you from the smaller in scale/private/quiet bedroom floor – to an open, bright, and inviting second living floor space.  The truss creates this large volume and also becomes a major focal point of the space, reflecting the distinctive six gable design from the exterior onto the interior plan.

New Energy Works began staging for the Truss on Monday- naturally this is the coldest week of the year!  The New Energy Works team and Brian and his team worked solidly for three days in temperatures often below 20 and a wind chill below zero to get the truss in place.  Below are a few photos of it in progress!

For more information about this project and A3Architects, INC – please visit: or please visit our blog for this house:


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